Curt didn't move. He stood his ground, letting her come to him: confident, male, perfect. At nineteen, he was more than a head taller than most human men and had been since about her age. His midnight blue eyes met hers, not inviting her to him intimately but more -- she hoped.

Erin stopped before him, not quite touching Curt. "Hungry?" she asked, hoping her voice sounded seductive to him. His eyes flicked to the plate then to her mouth. "Yes." His voice was dark, full of a dangerous emotion that she prayed was arousal.


"I like to go too far," she teased him, well aware that someday Phillip would take her up on that offer. The thought both excited and terrified her. It was all part of the game, the chance of being caught. She shivered in the imagined climax that would roll through her body if someone caught them in the heat of the moment.

"I know." His hand slid under her skirt, testing her readiness.


She kept her eyes shut tight, reveling in the feeling of Jonas' solid hand in her own. Shawna knew better than to open her eyes, knew Jonas wouldn't open his own. It hadn't taken them long to learn the rules of their existence. The psychic had helped with that.

When one was a spirit and one was flesh, hard choices had to be made. This was one of them. They could draw on the strength of their love to make the faint recollection of touch a reality but only if their eyes remained closed to the truth. If they gazed at one another, the moment was lost, not to be recaptured quickly or easily.


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At Heart: eXtasy Nuggets 4
by Brenna Lyons

Zumaya Publications (Extasy Books)
February 18, 2004
ISBN #1554100836
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