Dria of Abignale was born to serve the Dragon. Upon the eve of her twenty-first birthday, Dria will ascend into her position as a first tier acolyte in the cult of Ouroborous. The magic she will wield is a powerful one and she is destined to join the battle between her cult and those who would deny her people's right to survive.

During her ascention ceremony, Dria is kidnapped by a band of mercenaries who seek her execution. Dria's fate seems sealed until rescue arrives in the form of Spencer Devauex, a Kestrex guardian sworn to protect human kind against Ouroborous' legions. The Dark Age war haslong raged between his and Dria's people--those who would decimate the human race and those who would protect their right to survive. Half human-half Sclydian, Spencer walks in two worlds, but belongs to neither. Because of her ties to Ouroborous' legion, he doesn't entirely trust Dria's pleas for freedom, believing she might choose to embrace her power and return to the cult that spawned her.

Navigating the shadowy netherworld of the occult, Dria struggles to find the truth in the lies that have long engulfed her life. In her heart she knows only one man can help her find the path she was destined to walk--and find the love she's never known.


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Mistress of Death
by Jeya Jenson

Zumaya Publications (Extasy Books)
January 15, 2004
ISBN #1554100135
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