Summertime and the livin' is . . . sexy...

This summer, the Puritan City is anything but. BEANTOWN HEAT, an anthology of sensual romance, is made up of three different, themed romances that sizzle. Three Boston College staff members will have a summer they won't soon forget.

The Professor and Maryann

Maryann Lithgow has one more class standing between her and the piece of paper that will get her the job at corporate - the class she's been putting off for two years. She hates everything about it - even her ho-hum professor. Whatever he has that makes women go all silly certainly escapes Maryann. That is, until she sees him through new eyes. Dr. Michael Jamison, professor of English at Boston College lives for the times that his students "get it" and pour themselves into their writing. Sometimes, though, one particular student becomes a problem. Maryann is that student. She's balky and completely uninspired - and he wants her like he's never wanted any woman before.

When she shows up on his doorstep, dressed to kill, determined to provoke a response, things go from hot to fiery. The promise of passion keeps them both on the edge of combustion. Can they wait until class has ended? Will this attraction last or will it fizzle before it flames?

Desire Delayed

Desiree Bishop has one huge problem. She needs someone to fill a vacancy on the Board of Directors of her son's foundation. If she doesn't find someone fast, her ex-husband will take it. If that happens, the years of hard work to overcome the obstacles he left her will be as nothing. The only other option she has is to convince Ryan Magnussen to take the position. And, in that case, the medicine may very well be worse than the disease. BC's hockey coach, Ryan Magnussen, has wanted Dee Bishop for a good twenty years. And now, he has her right where he wants her. Needing him.

The only real problem with pushing his advantage and making her live up to the deal she makes is that, if Ryan does that, he's no better than the jerk she was married to. But in order to retain a smidgen of integrity, he'll have to rein in the ever increasing desire that neither of them can deny.

Almost an Ingenue

Victoria Scott is on summer break from her position as Professor of American History at Boston College. She's spent the last four years, two months and twenty-two days raising both a teenage daughter and an unexpected granddaughter. She's past exhausted. At last, she has time to herself, time to heal, time to recover. If that means spending time taking in the sights -- particularly the hunky young man working on the house next door, then, so be it. Bucky Buchanan recognizes Victoria long before she recognizes him. She doesn't look that much different than the twenty-year-old next door who baby-sat him and his siblings that last summer. And holy cow, does she look fine.

When Bucky's dog causes an accident which injures Victoria, Bucky steps in to help. That's a big job when she's at the end of her rope and he's so damned attracted to her he can't stand it. Soon, though, the problem is about much more than keeping their hands off each other.

BEANTOWN HEAT is a fun, flirty, romantic adventure, a sensual novella collection that celebrates summer. It's enough to make you want to head for Cape Cod in June. . . or maybe even in November.


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Beantown Heat
by Jaxine Daniels

Zumaya Publications (Extasy Books)
January 15, 2004
ISBN #1554100569
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