Sensual Romance is starting an annual awards program for the best published sensual romances! Stories will be nominated by the members of the Sensual Romance discussion list. Then the list members will vote to select the winners.

What do we call it?

The clear winner in the "name this award" list contest was SPICE - Sensual Pleasing Intoxicating Clever Exciting. So now we are working on coming up with an emblem or logo for the award. Uh, something better than salt and pepper shakers...

When will all this happen?

Nominations will be taken during April, for books published in 2003. Voting will follow that, with announcement of winners in May. (Exact dates to be announced.)

Who may participate?

In order to make nominations or vote for books, you must have been a subscriber to the Sensual Romance YahooGroups list prior to February 1, 2004. All such list members are eligible to make nominations and to vote—it doesn't matter whether you are a reader or an author. A list member may make as many nominations as they want. Voting is limited to one vote per category. We ask that all list members display fairness and honesty by only submitting one set of votes, even if you are subscribed to the list under more than one ID.

Which books are eligible?

A story must be a "sensual romance". It must (1) have a high level of sexual tension and sensuality and/or explicit sexual content, AND (2) have a plot primarily focused on a romantic emotional relationship. Remember, our focus is on the spicy side of romance, on stories that focus on romance with the sex as a component of that. This includes everything from category books like Harlequin Blaze and Temptation through erotic romances and erotica.

Only those books that were originally published in 2003 are eligible (have a 2003 copyright). Reprints and reissues that were originally published prior to 2003 are not eligible.

Format of publication does not matter! We don't care if it's paper, digital, or chiseled on stone tablets. It's the story that counts, not the physical medium.

Books may be nominated in more than one category.

What are the award categories?

The awards cover stories, characters, and cover art. Here are the categories for the awards:

Best Sensual Romance of the Year!
Best Sensual Historical Romance
Best Sensual Contemporary Romance
Best Sensual Romantic Suspense Romance
Best Sensual Futuristic/Science Fiction Romance
Best Sensual Vampire/Shapeshifter Romance
Best Sensual Paranormal Romance (e.g., psychics, witches, time travel, creatures other than vampires/shapeshifters)
Best Sensual Fantasy Romance (e.g., elves, wizards, dragons, magical worlds)
Best Sensual Bondage Romance
Best Sensual Anthology (book judged as a whole)
Best Sensual Short Romance (under 30,000 words, based on actual word count)

Reviewers' Choice Award for best book of the year. Voting is limited to the Sensual Romance reviewers, and to books that were published during 2003 and reviewed on our list.

Favorite Hero
Favorite Heroine
Favorite Secondary Character/Creature
Best Worldbuilding/Most Unique Fantasy World
Most Original Plot

Best Cover Art -- Contemporary Romance
Best Cover Art -- Category Romance
Best Cover Art -- Historical Romance
Best Cover Art -- Fantasy/Paranormal Romance (includes vampire/shapeshifter)
Best Cover Art -- Futuristic/Science Fiction Romance


SPICE Awards has not yet been reviewed.

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SPICE Awards
by Authors Various

January 9, 2004
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