A thousand-year-old prophecy foretold the birth of a child with power so great, she would control all magic and hold the fate of the world in the palm of her hand. In Fordin Barony, in the kingdom of Karasnia, the prophecy has come to pass. Her name is Arlana Von Fordin.

Arlana had spent her life questioning the enormous magical powers she was born with. She would have given up all her power for a simpler life. But Fate has other plans. Isolation and loneliness leave her vulnerable to the mysterious man who haunts her dreams. Terrifying her even as he seduces her, he poses a risk she can't comprehend. Then Lord Commander Oric of Browan marches into the barony, bringing with him a hint of Fate's plan. And Arlana faces an attraction that endangers her heart and soul.

Lord Commander Oric trained since the age of ten to take up the position of First Protector to the prophesized one, a duty forced on him by the death of his sister. He wanted a different life for himself, but fate gave him no choice. Twenty years of diplomatic and military training, twenty years of festering resentment toward the woman that would control his future, finally bring him face to face with the sorceress, Arlana Von Fordin. And his worst fears are realized. For rather than fanning his hatred, Arlana, with her beauty and unconscious charm, fans his inner obsession and desire.

Arlana and Oric must journey to the heart of Browan, overcoming assassination attempts, warrior goblins, telepathic attacks, a cryptic dragon and the jealousy of a deadly blood sorcerer. Only together can they find the answer to an ancient riddle. But will they be in time to heal the damaged magic that threatens the world?

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To heal a magical rift that could rupture the very essence of time, Arlana Von Fordin and Lord Commander Oric of Browan face a treacherous journey. Assassination attempts, warrior goblins, telepathic attacks, a cryptic dragon and the jealousy of a deadly blood sorcerer stand between them and finding the answer to a centuries old riddle that will force them both to face their destiny.

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"A Destiny worth following to the very last page ..."
Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted January 21, 2004

What could life possibly hold for a woman who is born into the world as the most powerful sorcerer and prophesized to save the world? How could someone so amazing ever find true love for herself? Isabo Kelly takes this concept and wields an amazing story filled with paradoxes, adventures Read more...

"Enchanting tale"
Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 25, 2004

Ironically as Arlana Von Fordin grows up and her sorceress powers develop and mature, she increasingly yearns for a life of normalcy filled with love. Instead she sadly knows that destiny has chosen her to become the most powerful sorceress ever in order to save the world. The price is Read more...


Destiny's Seduction
(Fate's Hand Trilogy #2)
by Isabo Kelly

December 1, 2003
ISBN #155316119X
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