Some people wait their entire lives to find their soul mates, but not Holly and Gerry. High-school sweethearts, they felt like they had been together forever. They could finish each other's sentences, and even when they fought (like over who would get out of bed to turn off the light each night) they laughed. Holly didn't know where she'd be without Gerry. No one did. And that's how "The List" a joke. If anything were to happen to Gerry, he'd have to leave Holly a list of things to do to make it through the day.

The young couple then face the unimaginable: Gerry becomes desperately ill and then dies. Three months after his death, Holly emerges from her house to retrieve a mysterious package from her mother. When Holly opens it up, she finds that Gerry was true to his word. He's left her "The List." A letter for each month of the year following his death, each instructing Holly to do something to help her heal. Each note from Gerry to Holly is signed PS, I LOVE YOU.

Surrounded by girlfriends with razor-sharp wits and a family that smothers, loves, and drives her crazy, Holly Kennedy is a modern-day heroine -- wobbling, weaving, crying, and joking her way toward independence, and a new life of adventure, career, love, and friendship. From a fresh new voice in fiction, PS, I Love You is a tender, funny, unexpectedly romantic novel that readers will treasure in their hearts and minds long after closing the pages.


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PS, I Love You
by Cecilia Ahern

February 1, 2004
ISBN #1401300901
352 pages
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