Dr. Merritt Fisher is a beautiful historian in search of an ancient mystery. Belok is the real life Dracula who ruled a shadowy realm where women cringed beneath the lash. According to legend, the stunningly beautiful and deadly Dark Prince is not dead, but merely sleeping. Driven by her own curiosity and dark desires, the virginal, blue eyed professor journeys to the prince's homeland of Zuravia where she encounters a series of modern dominators, from a sadistic intelligence colonel to a handsome, enigmatic British agent with a taste for the cane.

Struggling with her real life need to submit, Merritt must also battle the spirit of the irresistible silver haired Belok himself. Seeking her sexual possession as the means to his own flesh and blood return, he invades her dreams, forcing the willowy blonde to endure each night the pains and pleasures of medieval slavery. When she discovers the darkest secret of all, that she is in fact the reincarnation of Belok's wife, whom he bled dry to foment his evil reign, Merritt has only one place to turn, the British agent Rutledge. But the price he demands may be the highest of all.

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Devil's Breath: Caveat Emptor. May include graphic violence, offensive language, and/or exotic sexual practices.


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Belok's Bride
by Reese Gabriel

Zumaya Publications (Extasy Books)
December 28, 2003
ISBN #1554100526
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