Na´ve, sensual and indomitable, young Elora is taken from her seaside village by armed raiders and onto a ship bound for unknown shores. In a divided land where men rule the plains and Amazon warriors the mountains, and where any who dares cross the boundaries will be made to serve the other, Elora learns to seduce, to battle and to love.

Meet her new master, the magnetic Commander, isolated by his strength and power and longing for the unexpected. Meet the Amazon Queen and her warriors, living high among the peaks and taking their pleasure with the men they capture. Meet the Company of Nine, roving champions for hire who are paid for their services with much more than money. Visit the White City, where the Commander will bend Elora to his will, instructing her in the mysteries of sex and surrender.

But can his relentless passion turn into love, and can their love survive when their world is poised on the edge of a knife? Elora will accept no boundaries and her curiosity may cost them both everything.


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Across the Sea
by Irene Maillol

Zumaya Publications (Extasy Books)
December 1, 2003
ISBN #1554100437
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