Shapeshifter Etaoine of S'henhess is a hunted creature. Her people are hiding from the other advanced races of the galaxy. When Etaoine performs a sexual ritual and sees a vision of a blue-green planet and a human male with dark hair and amber eyes, she becomes certain they are lovemates, destined to be together. Driven by her belief, she defies the law of her people and journeys to Earth, a planet her race seeded with their DNA a millennia ago. The alien DNA has taken root, and a few humans have latent shapeshifting ability.

Destiny unites with her desire when she meets Donal Brannan, a tough yet sensual amber-eyed ex-Seal. A strong, proud man, Donal refuses to trust any alien after being abducted by a UFO and used for experiments. His distrust includes Etaoine, now Erinna Burke, no matter how much he craves her body in his bed.

Erinna believes she is his Donal's lovemate as foretold by her vision, but will destiny and desire ever ignite love in his suspicious heart?


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Alien Seduction
by Jeanine Berry, Judy Russell

Zumaya Publications (Extasy Books)
September 15, 2003
ISBN #1894942014
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