New Bedford, Massachusetts. The year 1844.

When brothels and taverns lined the seaport's cobblestone streets, and brawny seamen and bawdy wenches routinely transacted business between the bed linens before the start of lengthy whaling voyages, an honorable gentleman of indeterminate background lusts after a female servant of questionable repute.

Captain Joshua Kane made his fortune on the high seas, working his way up from cabin boy to wealthy ship-owner. Along the way, he developed a gentleman's refined taste for the accumulation of exotic artifacts from far-off places. He's recently added a new object to his valuable collection of fine treasures, a fiery redheaded whore-thief from the wharves. Henrietta Clark is easily Josh's most beautiful possession, and also his most frustrating acquisition, for though the lusty conniver agrees to trade her wanton body to escape a locked jail cell, she stubbornly refuses to barter the key to her heart.

. . . because sex is sometimes negotiable, but love can never be bought or sold . . .


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The Acquisition
by Louisa Trent

Atlantic Bridge Publishing (Liquid Silver Books)
November 7, 2003
ISBN #1931761794
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