Last Kiss - Dominique Adair

For centuries Alexei Romanov has been searching for her, for the Russian gypsy he'd fallen in love with the first time their eyes had met. Three times he'd found her over the years and three times he'd lost her, death having taken her away when he'd been unable to protect her. Now at last, thirty years since her last incarnation, he has found her once again. This time Alexei is determined to never let the fates separate them again, and to claim her for all eternity.

Night Flight - Margaret Carter

When the vampiress Gillian goes into heat for the first time, her mentor chooses a breeding mate for her that she finds repulsive. She flees into the night to Paul, a man who is both her friend and co-worker. But when the need to mate becomes painful, can Gillian be satisfied by the lust of a mere human?

Heart Of Midnight - Kit Tunstall

Quintus Midnight rescues Catriona from a brothel after her relatives sell her. He offers her sanctuary at Midnight Manor, and more than that, he offers her his heart. For him, Catriona's blindness is a blessing, because she can't see the scars that mar his face. But when she learns what Quintus is and wants to be like him, he's faced with a difficult decision: keep her as she is and risk losing her forever, or heal her and risk losing her forever.

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Each of these stories were originally published separately by Ellora's Cave.


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Dark Dreams
by Dominique Adair, Margaret L. Carter, Kit Tunstall

Ellora's Cave
August 1, 2003
ISBN #1843603934
300 pages
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