REVEALING THE COVENANT by Rusty Van Reeves is a novel full of memorable characters and unforgettable places. Turn on your TV; the nightly news is full of stories about embryonic stem cells (ESC). You are either for them or against them. The debate has meandered its way from the laboratories of academia—to the Oval Office of the President—to the halls of the Vatican. The main question remains the same. Is an unfertilized egg a human being? Remember, women routinely lose these unfertile eggs every month during their menstrual cycle.

What if you or a member of your family were paralyzed suddenly from a car wreck, a sudden fall, or any other unforeseen accident? Do you or your family have a history of MS, Parkinson's, or Alzheimer's? It is strongly believed that embryonic stem cells are the single greatest hope of curing this host of spinal and central nervous systems (CNS) conditions. Jonas Salk eradicated Polio in the 1950s. ESC has that same potential... but politics, religion and corporate greed are conspiring to keep us from realizing that dream. REVEALING THE COVENANT deals with this conspiracy and shows the extremes certain people are willing to take.


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Revealing the Covenant
by Rusty Van Reeves

PublishAmerica, Inc.
October 1, 2003
ISBN #1592867669
222 pages
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