While a number of books exist which deal with various aspects of the postnatal experience - breastfeeding, exercise, motherhood, post-partum depression - this is the first complete source of information on what a woman experiences both physically and emotionally in the days, weeks and months after childbirth. It is also the only book in its field which balances medical advice with practical tips and numerous references to alternative remedies. From Sylvia Brown, a mother, and Mary Dowd Struck, RN,MS,CNM, a nurse/midwife, comes The Post-Pregnancy Handbook, a wonderfully comprehensive, honest self-help guide which every new (and repeat) mother should keep by her bedside. Brown and Struck give detailed guidance on:

The First Few Days - alleviating discomfort from the after-effects of labor or a ceasarian - making the hospital stay more pleasant - coping with possible medical complications

The First Few Weeks - organizing home life with a new baby - surviving fatigue - breastfeeding successfully - managing older siblings, parents and friends - introducing a new dimension to the couple (returning to sex after childbirth) - navigating the new mother's dietary needs - identifying and overcoming a range of emotional difficulties from "baby blues" to severe postnatal depression - dealing with stress, guilt and that elusive maternal instinct

The First Year - achieving a complete physical recovery: how to get back into shape from the inside out - restoring strength and tone to the pelvic floor - countering the legacies of pregnancy: problems with hair, skin, and varicose veins

A thorough, straightforward guide to helping the new mother achieve an effective and harmonious recovery.


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The Post-Pregnancy Handbook
by Sylvia Brown, Mary Dowd Struck, R. N.

Griffin Trade Paperback
November 1, 2003
ISBN #0312316267
320 pages
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