In the near future, severe weather has forced mankind to abandon the skies. But the trains still run. Covering the country, their patterns, set in steel, are broken only by the random demands of the harsh environment. Here and there, at points called gantlets, the tracks share the same space on their way to different destinations. For Maddy and Shula, their gantlet begins in Detroit, where a super storm has stranded westbound passengers for the evening.

Maddy, a member of the powerful Condista caste, chafes at the delay, an inconvenience on her trip to bring her corporation's experimental weather project back under control and increase the reputation of her corporate pod. For Shula, a younger woman of a lower caste, it is a moment of chance, an experience to be savored. And so begins the sensual dance of randomness, and control and surrender before the morning's clear sky brings forward movement through a world where a rising society strains to pattern itself after the chaos of the clouds.

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Near Future. Publisher rating XY.


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The Gantlet
by B. Lynch Black

Yoni Books
November 8, 2003
ISBN #0000000056
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