She is his true mate - his jhitahra - and a wolf.
He is Eskarian. Immortal. His people are ancient, protectors of the human race. His blood is hot, and his lovemaking is raw and powerful.

When Christopher meets Mackenzie, she's been cursed to live the dual life of a demon wolf - human by day, wolf by night. He should destroy her. Instead, he breaks the rules, converting her from wolf to immortal in a wickedly sensual ritual that binds her to him for all eternity. His plans to begin a life with her are disrupted when he discovers the last of the Dragon Prophecies unfolding: a great warlock returns to change the balance of power upon the planet.

Now a spell has been cast over Mackenzie and Christopher is losing her. The warlock has plans for her: she is to be sacrificed during the new moon, thus restoring his power.

When she returns to him, safe and unaware of what's happened, Christopher is elated. But all is not as it seems - the spell is not complete. Or is it? Will Christopher find the warlock and destroy him? Or has the last and deadliest of the Dragon Prophecies already come to fruition?


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Prophesy of the Seventh Dragon
by Tyler Blackwood

Zumaya Publications (Extasy Books)
August 1, 2003
ISBN #1894942981
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