They walk the walk and talk the talk of a sexy, savvy bad girl and a bona fide stud, but personal trainer Casey Thompson and hunky assistant state attorney Craig McDermott are both inexperienced virgins looking to change their status—quick! Neither wants to be found out for a fraud.

Hot chemistry, advice from a helpful bad-girl roommate, a colorful variety of sex toys and a quick study of some how- to sex books—from the showers at the gym to the mirrored ceilings of Las Vegas, Craig and Casey explore the sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy mysteries of Gettin' It On.

Sexual Content: Rated S-ensuous Genre: Romantic Comedy / Contemporary Book Length: Novel


An Excerpt From: Gettin It On

© Copyright Ann Jacobs, 2003.

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave, Inc.

Prologue Bone Gap, Texas, population 468

“Don’t see much hope for her. Twenty-four years old and nary a man in sight.”

“It’s a shame, sure as shootin’.”

An old cowboy shook his head, then swigged his beer. “Pretty little thing to have her heart broke like that, but you can’t blame Buck for runnin’ off with Daisy. A man needs his woman hot, like chili.”

“Yeah. Who’d want to crawl in bed with his best buddy?”

Guffaws erupted, then stilled when one of the guys looked toward her and whispered something to his pals.

Apparently she was everybody’s friend, nobody’s lover.

Her fiancé’s defection was sparking more comment than the spread her folks had put out to celebrate the June first wedding they’d intended to be two for the price of one.

Casey Thompson wished she could slither through the floorboards at the Bone Gap Grange. The best she could manage was a hasty retreat from the vicinity of the table with the punch bowls and the water trough where they’d iced down the beer.

Facing all these folks and pasting on a smile was tough. But Casey couldn’t have ducked out on her only brother’s wedding reception. Even if it was supposed to have been hers, too.

“It’s a shame about Cassandra, but I can understand Buck changing his mind. He’s bound to be happier with a woman like Daisy warming his bed.” The high-pitched whine and the way she dragged out every syllable of “Cassandra” left no doubt in Casey’s mind that her former sixth grade teacher had just pronounced her opinion of the whole damn mess.

Casey couldn’t blame folks for talking. After all, there wasn’t a whole lot in Bone Gap to talk about, and she couldn’t begrudge the homefolks their gossip. The prospect of a double wedding had set the town a-buzzing, even before Buck had dumped her and eloped with Daisy Lee two weeks ago.

Since then they’d been speculating about where on earth that sweet tomboy Casey Thompson was ever going to find a husband among the few eligible guys who looked at her like another little sister, not a potential lover.

Not in Bone Gap, that was for sure!

Casey was so over being the stereotypical girl next door. As soon as this ordeal was over, she’d be out of here. The sweet little PE teacher and rancher’s daughter who’d earned the whole town’s pity was about to break away.

In a little more than a week, she’d have become sexy Casey, personal trainer to the bunch of muscular hunks she’d be working with at Russ Green’s high-end gym overlooking the bay near downtown Tampa, Florida. Sweet little Casey, everybody’s pal and nobody’s lover, was about to disappear forever.

Casey couldn’t wait to change her image. She and her future roommate, Lisa, had plans to get her a new wardrobe. One that would showcase the sexy, fun-loving woman Casey was determined to set free—and attract the attention of those hunks she’d ogled at the gym during her interview. Even the yummiest hunk of all, a guy Russ had introduced her to while he’d been working out.

Assistant State Attorney Craig McDermott.

Well, maybe she ought not to aim for a specimen as prime as the buff young lawyer. Still . . .

The man had a smile that could melt Antarctica.

Casey’s fingers itched when she thought about running them over those killer pecs, feeling the rasp of his five o’clock shadow against her skin.

She’d trace the laugh lines that creased his lean, chiseled cheeks, and he’d look at her the way Buck had been salivating over Dixie the other day at the Dairy Queen.

Fat chance. She’d have to be Cinderella to change that much, that fast. And Lisa was no fairy godmother. She might as well stick to guys who weren’t way out of her league.

Casey figured she’d end up settling for a semi-hunk who could look at her and get it up. At least that way she’d be sure of shedding her damnable virginity.

But hey, a girl was entitled to put a face on her fantasies.

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Gettin' It On
(Lawyers In Love: Book 4)
by Ann Jacobs

Ellora's Cave
September 1, 2003
Available: April 13, 2007
ISBN #1843606011
EAN #9781843606017
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