Liz Carlyle -LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX -When a tanned and toned blonde blows by in a brand new Jag convertible, Dr. Delia Sydney isn't a bit surprised to see the driver is her ex-husband's wealthy new wife. Aggravated, dejected, and deeply in debt from her divorce, Delia tries to limp home in her old station wagon. Unfortunately her bad day only gets worse when the clunky Volvo spasms into death- throws and gives up the ghost in her grumpy next-door neighbor's driveway. Good-old boy Nick Woodruff's had a bad day, too. A Raleigh FBI officer on the rise, he's just been put on a two-week suspension for shooting a cocaine dealer in a bust gone bad. But when he heads out to the basketball court, intent on burning off a little testosterone, he almost plows his pickup into an old Volvo wagon someone's left blocking his drive. Just his luck. It's his rich, snooty next-door neighbor, Dr. Delia, hostess of the hot new radio show, Let's Talk About Sex.

All Nick wants to talk about is the fastest way to get Delia's car out of his damned driveway -and he tells her so. But when a tearful Dr. Delia climbs out of her car to apologize, he feels more like a heartless jerk than the southern gentleman he's supposed to be. He's no right to blame Delia for his bad day, and he knows it. Besides, he's always been a sucker for a woman wearing wicked shoes, and Dr. Delia's are black, spike-heeled and very, very pointy-toed. And suddenly, Nick realizes he's got two whole weeks with nothing to do, and talking about sex with Dr. Delia sounds like a real good idea.

Sherrilyn Kenyon -BAD TO THE BONE -BAD operative Kyle Foster is everything a woman dreams of. Sinfully handsome, lethal to his enemies, and quick to sacrifice himself for God, country and family. The only problem is, he has no family other than his sister. He doesn't even have a girlfriend. It's rather hard to maintain a relationship while being shipped allover the world on covert missions to help fight terrorism. So before he dies for his country, he wants a little hiatus so he can remember what he's living for.

Polly Paulson appears to be just what he needs. A temporary receptionist who works for the company he's hired to watch, she's everything that represents America. Smart, funny, feisty, and as pure as the driven snow (or so he thinks). The only problem is every time he gets around her, out goes the cool, calm collectiveness that has taken him from war zones to the darkest underbellies of the world's governments. Around her, he's a nervous wreck. Until his sister comes up with an idea to send the two of them off on a special vacation to Sex Camp. Since Polly dreams of a SEAL hero to sweep her off her feet, Kyle the real life government hero, ex-SEAL, decides he can show her just what he's made of. Once there, things heat up as Polly sees the real side of Kyle who is better than any hero she's ever read. Passionate and gorgeous, he's the epitome of hot. Until an old enemy returns to cut short their vacation and threaten both their lives.

Nicole Camden -THE NEKKID TRUTH -Debbie Valley is an internationally acclaimed photographer who also occasionally shoots crime scenes. She has a rare condition that doesn't allow her to recognize faces. She can't tell people apart, even people she knows really well. She got it when a cop car lost control on a turn and knocked her headfirst into the pavement. Detective Marshall Scott, the hero of our story, was one of the cops in the car, though he wasn't driving. In this story, five years have passed since the accident and Debbie is called on to shoot the scene of a body dumped in a lagoon in Oceanside. Debbie thinks she recognizes a tattoo on the victim's thigh and her subsequent search for the answer draws her and Detective Scott closer than ever before, But Debbie's condition has left her with serious doubts about her ability to love anyone, and it will take a brush with death, and Detective Scott's love, to convince her otherwise.


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Big Guns Out Of Uniform
by Liz Carlyle, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Nicole Camden

Pocket Books
November 1, 2003
ISBN #0743482263
368 pages
Trade Size
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