It's the middle of a sweltering late-summer heat wave in Los Angeles. In the nearby mountains, a seasonal wildfire burns out of control. If not for this fire, authorities might never have discovered wreckage of an Alfa Romeo convertible--or the body of the car's driver--in the dense underbrush at the bottom of Topanga Canyon. But when firefighters happen across the crash site while battling the nearby blaze, it's only a matter of time and basic forensics before the apparent accident is upgraded to homicide. Gregor Tavlin, a southern California celebrity fitness guru, has been murdered. As far as anyone knows Tavlin had no enemies. And the closest thing to a suspect in the case has disappeared. Such is the spark that touches off Burn.

The fire requires only fuel.

And everybody has their flash point.


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by Sean Doolittle

August 1, 2003
ISBN #0972441220
368 pages
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