When shapeshifter Etaoine S'henhess is chosen as the God's Mate, she never dreams that the sexual ritual will change her life forever. As the representative of the goddess, she makes passionate love with the High Priest on the altar at the annual Festival.

While her people watch, Etaoine is ravished by the priest. The waves of desire that sweep her body carry her into a trance state where she sees a blue-green planet and hears a command from the goddess: Follow the path of your destiny. Then the face of a man fills her vision. He is not of her race, but his burning amber eyes look into her soul even as her body shudders under the caresses of the priest.

Lovemate! The single word rings in her mind and she knows this man is her destiny. She must reach him even though her people are in hiding, hunted by their enemies for their shapeshifting ability. .

Etaoine cannot hide from her destiny--and that destiny lies on the alien world called Earth. To reach this man of her vision, she must steal a starship and venture out into the forbidden stars. But when she finds him, will he accept the sexual passions that drive a shapeshifter?


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Destiny Earth - The Ailunnean Shapeshifter Series
by Jeanine Berry, Judy Russell

Zumaya Publications (Extasy Books)
June 1, 2003
ISBN #1554100070
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