Two different women vacationing for vastly different reasons end up at the same location: Castle Phantasie, which has a reputation for making dreams come true.

Serena's Sentence
Serena's eager to escape a situation she left behind in New York. Ian believes she sold company documents to his competitor. He's already ruined their perfect night of passion with his accusations. She doesn't think things can get worse, until he presents her with two options: Go to prison, or submit to his every sexual demand. She should be outraged, but it's always been her secret desire to submit...

Regan's Recovery
Regan's a busy woman, the CEO of Synergies Systems, a high- tech company specializing in government contracts. After a close call brings home just how stressed she is, she heeds her doctor's advice and takes a vacation. Her brother and his wife spent their honeymoon at Castle Phantasie. She figures one destination is as good as another and lets them book her trip. After all, her only plans are to relax and get laid. Dante fits her requirements, until she learns he expects her to surrender control to him. She's surprised to find herself willingly submitting to his dominance. But when certain secrets about Dante come to light, it tests the strength of their fledgling relationship.

Sexual Content: NC-17. Genre: BDSM.


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by Kit Tunstall

Ellora's Cave
June 10, 2003
ISBN #1843605244
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