Sarah Holmes is one of the glamorous young hopefuls competing for the heart of "The Stag"—the sexy, charming bachelor on America's hottest reality TV show. But she isn't just another bachelorette...

Sarah is undercover for Femme magazine, writing a juicy expose about the women desperate enough to go on TV to vie for a man, and the bachelor shallow enough to view dating as a ratings game. Armed with a killer wardrobe, sun- kissed highlights, and her reporter's notebook, she can't wait to find out what happens at the post California resort when the cameras stop rolling.

What she discovers is that this alternate reality is more seductive than she ever expected. The other women aren't all brainless bimbos. And "The Stag" isn't the arrogant jerk she imagined. Caught up in a whirlwind of moonlight swims, limo rides, and champagne toasts, Sarah stops working on her article...and starts wanting to win.

There's just one problem: Sarah's really a suburban wife and mother who misses her devoted husband and baby girl back home. Just how far will she go to become Bachelorette #1?

Fabulously fun and fast-paced, this wildly entertaining debut novel takes us behind the scenes of reality TV—and captures the real-life adventure behind love, marriage, and motherhood.


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Bachelorette #1
by Jennifer O'Connell

New American Library
August 5, 2003
ISBN #0451210980
256 pages
Trade Size
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