When the Marchioness of Brentford fell ill, she requested the companionship of her dear friend's daughter, Miss Drusilla Herbert. Dru has never mingled among the ton, much less managed a country estate in Herefordshire. Nevertheless, she not only has the house in perfect order, but her presence alone brightens the Marchioness' days—and hastens her recovery. Then the Marchioness's son enters the picture.

Adrian Richmond was dismayed to learn about his mother's companion by word of mouth. He's even more put off by her accusations that he's neglectful towards his mother. Despite Dru's familial background as a rector's daughter, Adrian is convinced she's after his mother's fortune, and will stop at nothing to oust her from his home.

Falling in love with her was a tactic he hadn't considered...



Adrian took a step, as he had earlier. Only this time there was no one around to interrupt. Dru didn't back away from him, and he took heart from her open expression. Her lips parted as though to speak. He silenced them the best way he knew how.

Her lips, when he touched them, were the softest of velvets, her skin put a rose petal to shame. The delicate scent of lavender haunted the very air around her. He gathered her close in his arms and to his delight she responded whole-heartedly.

Her hands inched up to rest on his shoulders and he was elated at their closeness. His hand learned the shape of her as she nestled against him. Such a delight was one that could be repeated and he doubted that he would ever tire of it—or her...


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Drusilla's Downfall
by Emily Hendrickson

Signet (Regency)
July 1, 2003
ISBN #0451209230
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