Amy Armstrong doesn't enjoy being sold off to a prosperous farmer like a prized cow at a county fair. But what choice other than marriage has she when he's the only man willing to take in a woman with no dowry and a dependant mother? Certainly no one as beautiful as Amy wants to be plunged into abject poverty. Far from being left with no options, Amy indeed has a way out that she could never have imagined. Even if it is by force. A secret suitor with a secret past has her all to himself in the comfort of his carriage. Now, a simple trip to London is about to be delayed by a passionate man with a team of horses, a whip, and an irreversible mission—a savior who's whisking Amy away on the ride of a lifetime, with a slight detour of the heart.


A not-so-simple diversion.

"Are we going back to London by another route?" Amy asked him. "Did you hear what I said, Mr. Ingleworth? You have taken the wrong turn."

For answer, Mr. Ingleworth lifted his reins and again flicked his leader's ear with his whip.

"Please, Mr. Ingleworth. I am beginning to be frightened by your behavior."

His mouth set a grim line, he made no answer.

"Stop this carriage at once," Amy said in a firm, loud voice. "I will not go another inch with you until you explain yourself."

After a moment, he slowed his team down and looked at her with eyes feverish with excitement. "But once I do, you will go with me, won't you. Willingly! I knew it!"

Amy frowned at him. "Explain yourself."

"We are eloping my love."


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Abducting Amy
by June Calvin

Signet (Regency)
July 2, 2003
ISBN #0451209222
272 pages
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