Reuel Shatar, the handsome Governor of Pyrali and its three moons, is noble to his galactic core and duty bound to produce the next ruler of the Alliance. His choice is to blackmail a beautiful dissident into his mating chamber or have the House of Shatar fall into disgrace.

Christa Kirklan is as stubborn as her Earthling heritage and as unpredictable as a cosmic storm. Faced with exile to a frigid asteroid for her treasonous dialogue, or marriage to the man who represents everything she hates, Christa reluctantly chooses marriage.

What better arena to voice her discontentment with the empires prejudice and archaic social culture than the Alliance's own dais? What better way to raise her people from outcasts to noble citizens than to put an Earthling on the future throne of the galaxy?

Pyrali watches as Lord Shatar pledges his allegiance to an alien, while Christa vows to find the real reason behind Reuel's seductive scheme. United in a political union, forged by a man's hidden shame and a woman's quest for freedom, the Alliance trembles under the final test of their love.


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"Inspirational! A Timeless Futuristic Romance"
Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 22, 2001

A battle of the sexes in a brand new environment. The title symbolizes both a way of life and a relationship. I can't recall an arranged marriage which began on worse footing.  Ms. Waddell's writing inspires a myriad of emotion, stirring instant empathy with the heroine.  At first Read more...

"Wonderful world to visit! Can understanding bridge the gap between duty and love?"
Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted November 4, 2001

I enjoyed this story enough to read twice. Once when I ordered it at the advice of another PNR member who knew I love Futuristics, and again several months later to write a review. When a book is labeled a "futuristic" it sometimes reads like a historical loosely set in Read more...

"A fabulous tale of another world from the heart"
Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 4, 2001

Governor Reuel Shatar of the planet Pyrali knows it is his obligation to marry in order to insure the birth of the next Cadish of the Seventh House. His advisor Minlim stuns him when he learns that the chosen woman is an Earthling considered by many to be the most Read more...


The Alliance
by Patricia Waddell

Lionhearted Pub Inc
February 1, 2007
Available: February 26, 2000
ISBN #1573430498
EAN #9781573430494
312 pages
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