A Military Affair by Merline Lovelace
AF cop Sergeant Teresa Ross heads an elite Phoenix Raven cadre charged with protecting the plane and crew sent to a remote Pacific island to recover the remains of a U.S. Marine missing since WWII. When a scruffy, unidentified intruder attempts to penetrate the defensive perimeter Teresa has set up around the aircraft, she takes him down. To her disgust, the intruder is a seriously hung-over UPI stringer who claims to be working a story on the movement of terrorist-supplied arms across the South Pacific. Her lip curls when Pete offers to trade his knowledge of the island for exclusive rights to the story about the dead marine. She isn't about to let anyone cash in on the story of a fallen warrior—until the recovery team comes under intense fire. Dodging bullets, she and Pete bring the team to safety and the WWII marine home to the honors he's so long deserved.

Comrade in Arms by Lindsay McKenna The last thing Captain Mike Johnson's special forces A- team needs going into Afghanistan is a woman. Unfortunately for Mike, Captain Rachel McCain, an Army Intelligence officer, just happens to be the only one around who speaks Farsi. Rachel willingly volunteers for the dangerous wartime assignment to be Tiger 01's interpreter. Tensions run high because Mike is old fashioned and doesn't believe women should serve in combat, but he has no choice; no one on his team speaks any Arabic language. Things get hot in more ways than one in Afghanistan as Mike learns that Rachel is the one soldier he can't live without.

An Unconditional Surrender by Candace Irvin
Special Agent Jack Gage once held the world cradled in his palm—until he took the hand of the only woman he's ever loved and asked her to marry him, and she said no. Determined to get on with his life, Jack left the Army behind for a job with the Mobile Security Division (MSD), an elite special operations team under the direction of the U.S. State Department's Diplomatic Security Service. Unfortunately, fate steps in during Jack's first mission with MSD. While working undercover to take down an international terrorist cell, Jack is sucked into the heinous world of trafficking in human persons. Jack is horrified to discover the "slave" he's forced to purchase is none other than the woman he's spent the past twelve months trying to forget, Captain Danielle Stanton. The moment Jack sees Dani clothed in little more than bruises and shackles, he knows he'll do anything to save her. Jack also knows that this time, he won't settle for less than a future with Dani—and the complete, unconditional surrender of her heart.


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In Love and War
by Candace Irvin, Merline Lovelace, Lindsay McKenna

August 1, 2003
Available: August 1, 2003
ISBN #0373218354
EAN #9780373218356
381 pages
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