In darkness...
Living his life as a shadow in his own keep, Laird Dylan survives in spite of a curse shackling him to an existence of loneliness. Cursed by the dragons, he is the target of superstitions and unimaginable evil. Now those very dragons lay havoc on his lands, leaving him alone to seek and conquer them. To find success he must first accept the light. Will the faith of the chosen be enough to guide him?

In light...
Destiny has set the course for Lady Rhiannon. As The Light's chosen, she will face great dangers, for evil draws near and follows her at every turn. As much as she fears the journey, her heart questions as much. For along her path she must bind with a warrior marked with the flame of the dragon. Can she forgive the fact that he is an enemy of her clan?

By magic...
Deep underground, the hidden gate to the Dragon's lair has been cracked. The most evil of sorcerers has set a course to find the Golden Key. Determined to have his revenge, he will stop at nothing to vanquish the Power of Two before they can destroy his plans for absolute power.

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"'...a wonderful adult fairy tale...'"
Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted April 9, 2003

In the Highlands of Scotland two Clans wage war against each other. Raised as part of the McKay Clan, Lady Rhiannon has been chosen by the side of Light. To fulfill a prophecy and defeat the Evil that threatens her world she must bind herself to the man who bears Read more...

"The power and magic of love forged through a series of fast-paced plot twists and turns"
Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted April 9, 2003

The Dragon Laird by Deborah Lynne is quite easily the best fantasy romance book I've read in a long while. Between the pages of this book I connected with the characters and stepped into a world of make-believe that fairly vibrated with unchecked energy. Ms. Lynne's sense Read more...

"Fantasy tale of Love, light and dark combining to defeat evil"
Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 11, 2006

Dylan McGregor, Laird of the McGregors, is out in the forbidden forest searching for two hunters that have disappeared. The forest is home to magic and most of the people avoid it. Dylan was cursed by his father. He bears the mark of the dragon and most people fear him Read more...


The Dragon Laird
by Deborah Lynne

Echelon Press
March 1, 2003
ISBN #1590802314
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