Walpurgis Night
Katherine Kingston

England, 950 C.E.
On the night of the Equinox, all eligible adults must choose a partner to celebrate the night. Lovely, part-fey Fianna is both desired and feared. On the equinox, prudence dictates Fianna choose one of the young men who've been stalking her for an Equinox companion. But impulse guides her otherwise...

Henrik, an outsider like Fianna herself, a Norseman from a nearby town, finds Fianna's proposition and Fianna herself intriguing. But Henrik warns she may not find his unusual desires to her liking. Their passion is hotter than the Equinox bonfires. Their connection is foreseen true. But time and circumstance are against them...will what they have be enough, come Walpurgis Night?

NIght of Fire
Vonna Harper

The virgin known as Maia steps from her time into the present to find Taurus, the man destined to protect her people from cruel invaders. But although he's blown away by the uninhibited young woman who throws herself at him during the excuse for seduction and merrymaking known as Beltane, Taron is very much a man of today with a business to save. A little roll in the hay is as far as it goes--or is it? One moment he's in his world, the next he's jumped through fire with Maia and into the past.

If Maia and Taurus don't mate on the night of Bel-fire, ancient beliefs and tradition will be lost. But their mating goes far beyond hot, naked sex. Beneath great spiritual fires, they begin a journey that will jeopardize their very lives.

Handle with Care
Annie Windsor

The women of Earth have a major problem: a genetic virus has all but eliminated men. Tia Belmont, director of Project SEARCH, spends late nights in her laboratory combing satellite grids for signs of intelligent response. As Eostre approaches, Earth's women practice the ways of the ancient Goddess, adding magic to the hard science of saving their world. But Tia Belmont doesn't believe in magic. Not until an artifact from her foremothers, an ancient ceremonial dagger, finds its way to her desk drawer. And not until that dagger helps Brok of Kaerad, First Priest of the People, answer SEARCH's long-ranging person.

As Tia studies the blue-eyed hunk of muscle leaning casually against a laboratory computer console, she knows one thing for sure. Her life-and Earth-will never be the same.

Sexual Content: NC-17, Erotic Romance
Genre: Anthology - Futuristic, Time Travel, & Historical


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by Katherine Kingston, Vonna Harper, Annie Windsor

Ellora's Cave
March 1, 2003
Available: March 25, 2003
ISBN #1843604442
EAN #9781843604440
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