On a long abandoned planet, a forgotten people have awakened to find their world being systematically destroyed. In a desperate attempt to save themselves and the last generation of their species, they send out a message across space, begging someone to save them.

Lt. Gael Klarke is a valued officer in ENDO, the hotshot militaristic branch of environmental protection. She wears her red uniform proudly while she hides the secrets of her past within her.

When she's assigned to work with an ECHO agent from the diplomatic environmental corps, she can't believe her bad luck. Not only is the agent a telepath (not allowed in ENDO) but also a renegade with a habit of doing things his own way. What's worse is that she seems to be drawn to him.

Agent Kalatri Astri finds ENDO agents slow and clumsy, stupid in their approach to environmental disasters. What he doesn't expect is a budding psi talent in the tough ENDO officer he's assigned to work with on a strange and mysterious mission. Her thoughts and emotions wrap around him, leaving him breathless and off balance at crucial moments.

Together, the strange and incompatible pair of saviors must find the forgotten people of Chrysalis before it is too late. They must learn to work together, despite their differences and their strong attraction to one another. Too many forces would like to keep the voices of the long dead planet from speaking. Too many interests will use deadly force to keep Chrysalis cold and lifeless. ENDO red and ECHO blue have never had to collaborate so closely--or face so great a disaster!


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by Joyce Lavene, Jim Lavene

June 1, 2003
ISBN #1587493624
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