Night after Night. . . Claire Daniels succumbs to the devastatingly sensual seduction of Dracula.

Night after Night. . . She survives a near brush with death only to surrender again, the very next night.

Such is the lot of Broadway's newest darling in the latest musical hit "Dracula." But musical fantasies bear little resemblance to real life, for in real life Claire's brother is dying of AIDS and his doctors can do nothing to save him.

In desperate need of a miracle, Claire seeks out Broadway's richest angel, Germaine St. Justine. Not for his wealth, but because he offers her younger brother a chance for life. Eternal Life.

Germaine St. Justine is a vampire. A vampire who refuses to create more of his kind.

Employing every theatrical skill she possesses, Claire persuades St. Justine to help her, unaware that the procedure he uses to save her brother will jeopardize his own immortal existence.

In her struggle to save Germaine, Claire loses her heart. Only it isn't Claire's undying affection that causes Germaine concern; it is the vindictiveness of those who wish to see him destroyed for his rigid attitude against transformations.

The Strong Shall Devour the Weak

Claire means more to Germaine than his own life, but neither his love nor his immortal powers are capable of saving her. Trapped in the ageless conflict between life and death, Germaine must either let Claire go forever, or renounce his convictions and admit her into the eternal membership of the endlessly dark world of the vampire.


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Mortal Illusions
by Kathryn R. Blake

New Concepts Publishing
July 1, 2003
ISBN #2586084070
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