THE SOUL CAGES is the story of Sarah, who as a child is captured by Valek, and taken to his soul cages on Solis. Valek is in the business of selling Solance, a mind reading serum that takes human souls as a major ingredient.

At the onset of the novel, Sarah and her sister, Amana have manages to escape the soul cages, only to be ambushed at the Allerton Circle (a gateway to another world). A mysterious man who arrives through the Allerton Circle, sporting a shield and a sword, saves Sarah.

The mysterious man's name is Marion and he is a Minister Knight of Souls. His home planet, Veloris, is known throughout the universe at the ice planet. He takes Sarah back to his castle where the other Minister Knights, Kalah and Zykeiah, attempt to train for the day prophesied that Valek would be destroyed.

Marion tells Sarah of the Oracle's predictions of one who would lead the knights to victory over Valek and restore peace to both Earth 3012 and Saturn Four, two kingdoms who have been warring for centuries.

Sarah dismisses the prophesies as nothing more than myths until her sister mysteriously arrives on Veloris and kidnaps Marion's soul. Now it's up to the Minister Knights and Sarah to rescue Marion, defeat Valek and restore order to the galaxy.

Will Sarah satisfy the Oracle's call for a savior or will she find herself back in the soul cages?


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The Soul Cages
by Nicole Givens Kurtz

Double Dragon
November 1, 2002
ISBN #1554040019
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