Georgie Kennedy is so mad she could spit. Just weeks after she sold one of her Arizona gold claims to Cougar Barnes, some two-bit lawyer has the gall to tell her the mine wasn't hers to begin with. Georgie knows her rascally grandpa is behind the whole mess-and that she'd better high-tail it to Chicago to set him straight. Should be simple enough. She's wiped the floor with men twice her size. How much trouble can one old coot be?

...Plenty, that's how much. Grandpa could give a mule lessons in stubborn-and he's hell-bent on turning "Miss Georgia" into a petticoat-wearing, curtsying priss. He tells her that if she stays on in Chicago for exactly one year-and makes nice with the strait-laced simpleton he wants her to wed-the claim will be hers, free and clear. Now, getting hitched is just about the last thing on Georgie's mind. But between her unwanted suitor and Cougar Barnes, who comes all the way to Chicago to make sure he gets his property back-and to check on Georgie-she has a lot of thinking to do. And soon she has to decide if her heart belongs in the big city...or at home on the range.

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Getting hitched is the last thing on Georgie Kennedy's mind. But if she wants to hold onto her Arizona gold mine, she may have to make nice with the strait-laced simpleton her grandfather wants her to wed.


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Becoming Georgia
by Emily Carmichael

Berkley Pub Group
July 1, 2003
ISBN #042519101X
336 pages
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