If your are successful in meeting the three challenges of divorce, I believe you can open up new opportunities in you life and put the disappointments of your marriage behind you, once and for all. Because these challenges last many years, this book is a guide for parents who are thinking about divorce, who are in the process of getting a divorce, or who split up a few or even many years ago and are deeply concerned about how their children are going in the post- divorce family. It describes the changes that you will experience in those first few days, weeks, and months after the decision is made and what you can do to take control and stay in control of your life. I can tell you exactly what to say to your children, and how to choose the right kind of custody for your children, and how to help each child settle into his or her new schedule without tears. Most of all, I can show you the changes that lie ahead once the dust settles. The turning points are numerous, the danger points are unexpected, but so are the opportunities. I will be your guide.

--From the Introduction

In the tradition of the best parenting guidebooks comes a new work by renowned child psychologist Judith S. Wallerstein on a subject that vexes millions of American moms and dads: How can you genuinely protect your children during and after divorce? Wallerstein answers this important question with knowledge gathered from thirty years of in-depth interviews with children of divorce and their parents. You'll learn what you should say and do for children at each age and stage of development. You'll discover the many ways that divorce will change your family in the years ahead. You'll understand the challenges of how to be an effective parent outside of marriage, how to choose the custody plan that is best for your child, what you need to know to create a healthy remarriage, and what to say to your children when they reach adulthood. Divorce is not a single event but a lifelong trajectory of changed circumstances that demand a different kind of parenting than we have ever known.

With compassion and wisdom, Wallerstein shows how to create a new kind of family. Her experience has educated her in the ways that work, and in the ways that don't. For the first time, she shares her deep understanding of raising children after divorce, and how you and they can make use of the second chance that divorce can provide.


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What About the Kids
by Judith S. Wallerstein, Sandra Blakeslee

March 1, 2003
ISBN #0786868651
288 pages
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