Dalys Aldgate has been a survivor for 235 years. Life as an Australian convict had sharpened his survival skills, but the bush also bestowed him the ultimate gift of survival--a journey to the Other Side. His soul left behind, Dalys became a mirror for those still human--a polished surface upon which the living can project their fantasies, never seeing the "monster" on the mirror's other side. In present day Mississippi, "Dallas" lives a reclusive life as owner of a haunted inn while trying to forget his even more haunting past.

Ex-cop Tia Martell is now a freelance photographer trying to adjust to life "after The Job" and put the years of violence and death behind her. While on assignment to shoot antebellum mansions in Natchez, Mississippi, murder brings her face-to-face with Dallas Allgate, the coldest, yet most fascinating, man Tia has ever met. Before Tia can unravel the mystery of the man with the hypnotic eyes, a young vampire and his master, Jermyn St. James, seek out Dallas for revenge. St. James only wants Dallas’ true death until he sees Tia. Now he wants her, too.

Tia's in danger from St. James, but she's in even more peril from Dallas--the man who knows death even better than she does. In their struggle for life, one of them will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. But will Dallas let Tia make her own choices, or will he bend her will by projecting her fantasies upon his Double Image.


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"This is a fantastic vampire romantic thriller."
Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted August 19, 2001

Once Tia Martell was a police officer but the deaths and depravity that were a normal part of her job sickened her until she quit. Nowadays she tries to make a living as a photographer with her latest assignment to take pictures of the stately homes in Natchez, Mississippi. It Read more...

"Vampar found in Natchez, Mississippi - Syntia finds herself amid a vampar vendetta"
Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted November 12, 2001

Syntia [Tia] Martell, ex-officer and currently free-lance photographer, is spending a week in July on assignment in Natchez, Mississippi. The series on haunted houses is not as exciting as she thought it would be until she is at the scene of a hit & run accident. Hoping for some Read more...

"Imaginative New Vampire Series will have Readers Doing a Double Take!"
Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted November 30, 2001

Former police officer Tia Martell had had enough of photographing dead bodies. The job had given her nightmares, so she had traded that life in to become a free- lance photographer. Her latest assignment has taken her to Natchez, Mississipi, but photographing antebellum mansions and the like hasn't proved Read more...


Double Image
(Image: Book 1)
by Jaye Roycraft

Imajinn Books
July 1, 2001
Available: November 7, 2006
ISBN #1893896668
EAN #9781893896666
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