Chyna Marsh surrounds herself with men. Perfect men. Dark, blonde, tall, muscled or dimpled, she loves them all. Being a romance writer she creates perfect men for a living. But when the dashing paper hero steps from between the pages of her latest novel Rogue of Love, she thinks the rush of the big city is getting to her, and relocates to a slow-moving coastal town. It's here that she meets two men. Quinn Grayson is dark and devilishly handsome, but his brother Kirk has a severely scarred face and hides deep in the mansion's cellar. Even though his hideous appearance provokes such names as Beast! Monster! Freak! Chyna is helplessly drawn into the midnight shadows where he lurks. What is there about this illusive phantom that fascinates her... this sinister silhouette whose glowing eyes burn with hunger when they look at her... this hulking creature she has come to know as... Frankenstein!

Note: Extremely sensuous. Adult Language, Explicit sex, Forced Sex.


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Shadow Lover
by Audrey Godwin

PublishAmerica, Inc.
February 20, 2003
ISBN #1591298008
265 pages
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