Lance and Stefan Duquesne are twin werewolves that exist in a modern day world where nine months out of the year they lead perfectly normal lives. At birth they were stricken with a Lykanian curse that becomes active every year during the Autumn Moon Cycle. When the big moon begins to drip blood that only the damned can see, they find themselves compelled to return to their old homeplace, Sangraal (divine blood), and to the mysterious woman they call mother. Only under this woman's strange care can they live out the curse that turns them into beasts until the three months are up. But this year when they return, something is different. Lance has taken a wife. She's an ice blond with stormy blue eyes. When an accident causes her to lose her memory, her marrige turns to ashes, and the two brothers begin to compete for her love. Each one is haunted by the fact that only a knife in the back, or a bullet in the brain can free him from the curse, and allow him to live a normal life. But can a man kill his own brother? Even to escape Hell? That burning question is answered during a traditional Wishing Night Ball when they turn on each other, and begin their bloody... dance of death!

Warning: Extremely spicy, Erotic situations, Explicit sex, Adult language, Violence, Rape.


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Brothers of the Night
by Audrey Godwin

New Concepts Publishing
May 30, 2003
ISBN #1586083554
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