Jenny Lavoie's and Sam Stone's parents decree they must marry one another or be disinherited. Jenny has loved Sam for as long as she can remember so that shouldn't be a problem except that Sam is engaged to the outlandish, motorcycle riding Katie and has no interest in marrying Jenny.
Almost. Sam doesn't want to lose the company his grandfather worked so hard to build, so he decides to marry Jenny and conduct a sham of a marriage for the three years it takes to satisfy his parents' ridiculous demands, dump Jenny, and marry Katie. It should be easy enough as Jenny's followed him around since she was sixteen and she's easy on the eyes.
But Sam is flabbergasted when Jenny refuses to marry him now and doesn't care if she's disinherited. He finds himself having to woo her, including whisking her away to a very romantic vacation on Fiji's sunny beaches, which threatens to alienate his real fiance, and threatens his heart he thought he knew so well.

Katie McLaughlin has had it with rich, spoiled men. She never wants to see that betrayer Sam Stone or another rich man again. Ever! Desperate to get off Fiji and away from Sam and his new fiance, she charters a boat to take her to the island with the nearest airport but winds up shipwrecked on a deserted South Pacific island instead.
To Katie's utter dismay, not only is she shipwrecked without any form of communication device, she's shipwrecked with only the boat's captain, Scott Vanderhorne, whose family is twice, maybe thrice, as rich as Sam's family. She decides the fates hate her when Scott tells her he's engaged.
Katie can barely stand to talk to Scott, and Scott doesn't like to be cast in the role of villain merely because he's rich. But they soon realize that class distinction has no bearing in their private, tropical paradise, and they're forced to rely on one another to survive.


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Wooing Jenny & Shipwrecked
by Elaine Hopper

February 1, 2003
ISBN #1891020803
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