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Jane Rutledge could not possibly be less at ease. Yanked into a corset and stuffed into taffeta, the free-spirited Jane is suffering through an endless Season with her mother, for her elder sister's come-out. While all eyes are on her lovely sister Penelope, impish Jane would sooner be on horseback in the country than at these society affairs. But one day, she spies a handsome nobleman next door and, spying on him in his garden, stumbles upon him in a most un-ladylike manner...

Sebastian Carr, Viscount Langley, was perfectly happy with his life before his father began to meddle. Gambling and drink were his standard fare at his never-ceasing Bacchanal. So when his father tells Sebastian that he must wed before his twenty-fifth birthday, lest he lose his family's fortune, the prodigal son must straighten up—and go about the business of finding a wife. When he finds himself in the running for the hand of Penelope Rutledge, Sebastian has an idea: win over her younger sister first, then collect his prize. But when his plan unfolds, he realizes that the sister in question is none other than a delightful imp he once found in his garden...

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Sebastian Carr, Viscount Langley, is in a devil of a bind. Neck-deep in gambling debts, he has two months to find a bride or be cut off completely. To free himself from his father's strictures he sets his sights on Miss Penelope Rutledge, heiress and reigning Toast of the London Season. But what will he do when his plan goes awry and he compromises the Beauty's mousy younger sister by mistake?

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The Reluctant Rogue
by Elizabeth Powell

June 1, 2003
ISBN #0451208986
224 pages
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