The Presidential press conference was supposed to be an exciting announcement that the world finally had a space drive capable of allowing them to explore the planets...and eventually, the stars.

But then tabloid reporter Ray Schume turns it into an inquisition, accusing President Edward Samuel and his assistant, Sarah Ferguson, of being part of an alien conspiracy to conquer Earth.

What's more, he says he has an alien corpse to prove it. The worst part is: the reporter is right, but the United Council for Developing Worlds is supposed to be a well-kept secret. Who revealed its presence to Schume?

And is there a connection between the reporter who knows too much and the vivid nightmares UCDW leader Greg Carlson is having, the ones filled with the nerve-shattering laughter of a madman?


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Mind Trap
by Tony Ruggiero

Amber Quill Press
June 1, 2003
ISBN #1586974548
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