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Hurago—a privately owned island, opened to research only. No tourist traps taint it. Legend has it that the island is protected by a pair of 30-foot female statues poised at the edge of the lagoon. No one knows where they came from and the present residents don't know their true purpose. While others speculate, Jessica Martin, island agriculture engineer, and Edward Chamberlain, island owner, feel the power the statues evoke and know they and their island will always be protected by the giant ladies.

But even they do not realize to what extent that protection will go.

The story follows the romance of Jessica and Dr. Chris Matthews, a recent arrival. Together they battle old demons, deceased and alive, to reach happiness, with the statues subtly clearing the path for them to achieve that goal. The story also deals with the romance of Chris's brother, Sean, wildlife biologist, and Edward's daughter, Leiaa, romance that evolves to flaunt the very traditions the statues represent, and one that eventually incurs the wrath of these normally silent ladies...or so it seems.

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An island open for scientific research only. No tourist traps taint it. Guarded by two mysterious and ancient statues. A place where true love can be found and evil is not allowed to exist. But even the residents don't realize the extent to which the statues will go to protect the island.


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by Catherine Snodgrass

Amber Quill Press
December 1, 2002
ISBN #159279971X
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