CAIT O' KEEFE's mother is human and her father is Sidhe. Their sisterline is the last remnant of a once proud and populous people. How do you make friends and find suitable mates when most humans believe the Sidhe are imaginary creatures from old folk tales? And how do you explain to prospective mates that Sidhe culture expects every woman to have at least two husbands?

Her people don't hide under shamrocks and they don't have gauzy wings. They exist! And, at five foot eight, Cait hardly qualifies as a "wee person". Strong empathic senses are NOT magic powers and annual tetanus shots eliminate the need to avoid contact with "cold iron."

Frustrated by her failure to find suitable mates, tired of endless questions about the unusual tattoo on her left arm and the fact that her human mother has two husbands, Cait embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Sanctuary, a space station orbiting the Moon, is her first stop. There, she joins an expedition headed out to the asteroids where she hopes to find tangible proof of an extraterrestrial origin for her Sidhe ancestors.

The solar wing flight instructor for the expedition is EDELMIRO JESUS SANTIAGO DE ARROYO (INDIO). He's also an undercover agent whose terrible facial scars give him the appearance of a hardened criminal. Betrayed by a previous wife who tried to rob him blind, he conceals his emotions behind an abrupt demeanor. Cait's easy acceptance of Indio's scars breaches his aloof facade. They go out dancing. That same night he awaken her deep sensuality. He's not prepared to let her go off to the asteroids without him.

TAMERLANE JEHU BARNETT (TINY) is the owner/creator of Tiny's Emporium on Sanctuary Station. Hardly anyone knows his real name and he likes it that way because Tiny sure beats the hell out of Tammy for a nickname. A black ex-Navy SEAL and explosives expert, he's Indio's undercover teammate. He hopes to mount a low key courtship of Cait. But when Indio hooks up with her, Tiny finds himself in a win/lose situation between his best friend and the woman he wants to court.

Warning: Explicit sex.

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Down Came A Blackbird
by Barbara Karmazin

Atlantic Bridge Publishing
March 1, 2001
ISBN #0970691343
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