Randrik alt Harbinnen likes being responsible for no one but himself. He has his pick of women, a talent for music that pays the bills and a hefty share of magical ability that gives him an unbeatable edge. Perian, an Adept of the Temple of Light, is also content. She has found a safe place where she can study and use her healing abilities without fear of the bigotry that her Drevnya race inspires.

Three thousand years ago, their ancestors cast Azdrefel the Souleater into The Everdark to stop him from destroying the world he had created. Now, Azdrefel is free once more, and he knows only one way to remain free. He must inhabit the body of a human child at the moment of birth, adapting it and changing it into a vessel from which he is free to rule, feeding forever on his creation. He has decided that Perian will be the mother of that child.

Only two people can stop him: Randrik and Perian.

But how do you stop a god?


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Dreams of Darkness
(Book 1 of The Everdark Wars)
by Elizabeth K. Burton

Zumaya Publications
July 1, 2002
ISBN #189486980X
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