Absolutely shattered by her husband's half-truths and too frequent absences, Lindsay Mayer felt like chucking it all; more so after finding the stinker in a New York hotel room with his lover.

When a distraught Lindsay turns to a childhood friend for advice, her friend offers her a job with the Justice Department and a chance at a new life. Lindsay accepts. Why not! She is in a mean mood; her husband has apparently abandoned her and she can't even divorce him if she can't find him. What's to stay for?

Lindsay recreates herself, all part of her new and exciting life. When she is transferred to London in an exchange between the US Justice Department and MI5, Lindsay learns to speak with a very proper English accent and develops a talent for computer hacking and covert operations. Along with her new English accent, she has picked up the sophistication of London, changed her hair color from drab blonde to a rich auburn, lost considerable weight and wears contact lenses to disguised her eye color. All in all, her own mother wouldn't recognize her with the changes she has made in her appearance.

Five busy and exciting years pass. When valuable IDs are stolen from a diplomatic pouch at the British Embassy, Lindsay is sent to Washington to find the thieves and disable the secret codes encrypted into the security badges. And then she is to thwart any assassination attempt on visiting delegates. It's very doubtful she would ever run into her ex-husband, and even more doubtful he would have anything to do with the American Justice Department or the British Embassy, since he's a college professor in Seattle. So thinks Lindsay . . .


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Unfinished Business
by Elizabeth Lucas-Taylor

December 27, 2002
ISBN #1893302687
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