An Amazon

Warrior Lysandra, princess of the Amazon nation will never surrender her heart and future to a mere man. At her coming of age ceremony her mother's chosen for her a king to couple with and sire her child. Now she only hopes for the stronger of the genders - a daughter.

An Infamous Thief

Zarek, King of Thrace, is better known for his past profession - the most infamous thief of all Greece. He needs a son and heir, but not a wife, and decides Lysandra, the princess of the Amazons, will serve him fine.

A Horrific Sacrifice

When the baby is born and must be sacrificed to Artemis, two enemies are suddenly brought together. Lysandra and Zarek are paired against each other to retrieve the lyre of Apollo, a thunderbolt of Zeus and the golden chalice of the wine god, Dionysus in order to secure their baby's fate.

One contestant will win.

One kingdom or tribe will die.

And with promises broken, one baby will perish unless the Thief of Olympus can steal back from the gods the most precious gift of all.


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"This suspenseful Mythological Fantasy will steal your heart!"
Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted January 3, 2003

I love romances that match alpha heroes with alpha heroines. Whether the couple is in discord or in the throes of passion, the excitement is palpable. THIEF OF OLYMPUS is just such a story. What woman could be more domineering than an Amazon Warrior Princess who has just come of Read more...

"Great Greek mythos tale"
Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted July 29, 2003

Princess Lysandra respects the ways of her people the Amazons except for the killing of male babies even if they are sacrificed to Artemis. She vows that one day when she is queen she will stop that practice. For now Lysandra must pray that her firstborn is female for her Read more...


Thief Of Olympus
by Elizabeth Rose

WigWam Publishing (New Leaf Books)
October 1, 2002
ISBN #1930076096
EAN #9781930076099
196 pages
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