Cameron Thatcher was a fighter not a lover, until an alluring enemy won the battle for his heart. British lieutenant, Cameron Thatcher has dreamed of a military career since boyhood. When he's shot by a woman Cam is more than embarrassed - especially when he learns she was aiming at a duck. But the handsome spy is willing to forgive the spirited Meggie Fitzgerald almost anything - except her Irish heritage. She's the enemy. But as he recovers from his wound, the beautiful lass steals his heart. He gives her the only thing he has to offer, the mysterious gold ring he's worn since birth.

When a band of Irish renegades come to the castle in search of him, Cameron suspects Meggie has betrayed him. He takes flight on a journey that leads to more than he ever dreamed.

"...An intriguing story about a spy who is turned into a poet by forbidden love." --

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When a man has dreamed of a military career since boyhood, getting shot by a woman is a bit of an embarrassment—especially when he learns she was aiming for a duck. But from the first, Cameron Thatcher is willing to forgive Meggie Fitzgerald almost anything. Except her Irish heritage. Meggie may be a beauty, but she's also the enemy—something a British lieutenant fighting the Rebellion can't easily overlook. Yet, the spirited lass has stolen his heart nonetheless. The only thing Cam can offer her is the mysterious gold ring that he's worn since birth. But when a band of Irish renegades discovers him, Cam wonders if Meggie has repaid him with betrayal.


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A Prince's Heart
(Of Royal Birth #2)
by Sandra Madden

Zebra Books
November 1, 2002
ISBN #0821772511
352 pages
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