When the other woman is you...

Dear Confused-do what I say, not what I do!

Lizzie Ford is the hippest member in a long line of venerable advice-givers known as Agony Aunts. But when the line between her personal and professional life begins to blur she realizes that she's not practicing what she preaches. Lizzie needs help, but who does an Agony Aunt turn to for advice?

Jane Sigaloff spins a delightfully amusing and witty tale that will appeal to anyone who has traveled down that road paved with good intentions only to find themselves caught up in relationship hell.

Dear Vacuum Sealed-check your "best before" date before opening in public.
She's not quite sure how it happened, but Lizzie Ford is London's most popular Agony Aunt-doling out practical, down-to-earth advice to women about everything from g-spots and oral sex to relationships and personal crises. So she finds it somewhat ironic that an honest-to-goodness D-celebrity like herself-she has a radio show and a magazine colurnn-who counsels others on their sex lives has been sitting on the bench for three years waiting to get back in the game.

Dear Home Wrecker-unless you're a tricycle, three is one wheel too many.

So Lizzie can't believe her good luck when she meets Matt Baker at her office Christmas party. They hit it off immediately and soon find themselves deeply in love. There's only one problem-Matt's wife may not be happy with this new arrangement. Lizzie is certainly less than enthused when Matt finally informs her of his marital state-"You've got a wife and I've got principles," she tells him.

Dear Jekyll & Hyde-s**t or get off the pot!
But principles don't take you out to dinner or keep you warm in bed at night, and Lizzie soon takes up with Matt again when he tells her that he is about to leave his wife-who is more concerned with her career than their marriage. The strange thing is that even while she is hoping that Matt will get a divorce, she is actively helping a writer to her column save her crumbling marriage-a marriage that bears more than a passing resemblance to Matt's. Can you be a home saver and a home wrecker-saint and sinner-at the same time? What would Lizzie's Agony Aunt persona tell her Other Woman half? Would her Other Woman half even listen?

Dear Agony Aunt-heal thyself

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Name and Address Withheld
by Jane Sigaloff

Red Dress Ink
December 1, 2002
ISBN #0373250223
336 pages
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