The Quest II: Divided Loyalties
Marilyn Lee

A continuation from "Hunter's Passion" in Forever...

A recent transplant to Volter, Jemi Hunter has heard much of the mythical home of her shape shifting carnivore lover, Hunter. He regales Jemi with fond tales of his boyhood home, which lead her to believe that when she, Hunter, and his son, Slayer reach Tern Terra, they will live happily ever after.

However, treacherous plans are in place to prevent Hunter from returning to claim his rightful place as future ruler. First Jemi is kidnapped, then Slayer disappears. The trail of Jemi's abductors and Slayer's last known destination lead in different directions. Hunter has to decide whom he will attempt to save first, his only surviving cub or the woman he loves.

A Matter of Faces
Elizabeth Jewell

When Piper sees Billy in a bar, she can't believe it. Here is the man she had once loved. She goes home with him, for reasons she herself doesn't entirely understand. And he's exactly as she remembers him—touch, taste and scent.

But Billy died two years ago...

Trey, a shapeshifter who can assume any human form, has been studying Piper for a year to learn who would ease her heart. Now Piper knows his secret and he is obligated to protect her in the way his race has done since their time began. In a sense, she "owns" him.

But the truth brings more than a real-life erotic fantasy into Piper's life. It also brings danger in the form of another, power-hungry shape shifter who wants her and Trey dead.


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Shifting Faces
by Elizabeth Jewell, Marilyn Lee

Ellora's Cave
July 1, 2002
Available: July 27, 2002
ISBN #1843601761
EAN #9781843601760
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