Kylie Rogers can't stand dull parties and the self- centered men who frequent them. Now that the crashing bore who cornered her has gone to get a drink, there's only one way out-a first-floor window. Too bad her handsome host just happened to see her hike up her skirt, throw a very shapely leg over the windowsill...and fall into a hedge. Being rescued by Gamble Records owner David Gamble may be the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to Kylie. And his impromptu kiss may be the most thrilling...

Music mogul David Gamble figured he'd never again see the beautiful woman he pulled out of his shrubbery, so what was the harm if he kissed her? When he discovers that Kylie is a new employee working for his company, he's shocked-and secretly delighted-even if he can't quite admit it yet. David's orderly world turns upside down with disaster- magnet Kylie spreading chaos and skewed publicity in her wake. But when someone sets out to sabotage Gamble Records, David joins forces with Kylie to catch the culprit as they find themselves falling in love in record time...

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When music mogul David Gamble rescues Kylie Rogers from an unexpected tumble out his window, he never suspects that the appealing disaster-magnet will turn his orderly world-and his heart-upside-down in record time.

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Record Time
by Beverly Brandt

St. Martin's Press
October 1, 2002
ISBN #0312981848
320 pages
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