Apprentice bard, Mortigan Bryre stands on the brink of everything he ever wanted. In two weeks, he will come of age, and receive his coveted Journeyman's papers. He is gifted with the voice of an angel--and cursed with the tongue of a liar. A mysterious witch makes him a bargain, if he sets out on a quest to the wizard Talthos, he will receive a magical lute that will make him a legend. There is only one catch--if he lies along the way, he will risk losing his golden song.

Dismissed in disgrace from the Guild Hall, penniless, and alone, what does he have to lose?

Princess Allysian has been in love with Mordigan Bryre for most of her life. How can she let him set off alone? But how can she follow?

True love will find a way, and some things are worth any sacrifice.

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"A magical tale of intrigue, love and hope"
Reviewed by Kathy Early
Posted July 6, 2002

"Not until a liar chooses truth and an honest man lies..." For the price of the truth, a lonely boy with a passion for music may know his destiny. But to protect the woman he loves, he must lie and forfeit his destiny. Mordigan Bryre (Digan) is a consummate liar Read more...

"beautiful fairy tale for adults"
Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted August 13, 2002

Once upon a time a princess fell in love with an apprentice bard although she never told him what was in her heart. Mordigan Bryre never knew that princess Allysian loved him, for he was too involved with his music. He is only two weeks away from getting his journeyman Read more...


The Lute And The Liar
by Rie Sheridan

Novel Books, Inc.
July 8, 2002
ISBN #1931696659
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