Maternal Meanderings is a zany, hilarious collection of the real-life experiences of babyboomer mother, comedienne, columnist and schoolteacher, Diane Dean-Epps who acknowledges to being influenced and inspired by the wit and humor of the immortal Erma Bombeck. The book is titled by the same name as the author's popular, currently running column, Maternal Meanderings.

Author, Dean-Epps, pokes fun at the real-life happenings that make-up the experiences of married couples and parents everywhere in what she considers the four major areas of our parenting life cycle...In-Volvement (Marriage), In-Utero (Maternity), In-Sanity (Motherhood) and In-House (Management). These sections are organized into easy-to-read segments that allow the time poor, poorly timed parent, to pick up, put down, pick up and put down the book almost as often as they do their own children.

The idea for Maternal Meanderings was born simultaneously with the writer's second child. (Or as Dean-Epps says, "Okay, AFTER the epidural wore off and AFTER I had washed approximately 1,233 baby items and AFTER I could get my shirt on over my post-partum Pamela Lee Anderson pre-reduction breasts.)

Maternal Meanderings has comedy for everyone, whether you're having a mid-life crisis, a hormonal crisis or parenting crisis. The book applies to testosterone and estrogen producers alike. and it will make you laugh, ease your tensions and remind you that the nutty world of parenting is a world of shared experiences.

Maternal Meanderings The book that asks the question: As A Mom I Have The Most Physical Job In The World... So Why Don't I Look Better?!


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Maternal Meanderings
by Diane Dean-Epps

McKenna Publishing Group
December 15, 2001
ISBN #0971365997
138 pages
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