Detective Frankie Daniels hates her life—well, what's left of it. After a romance with the wrong man goes bad, the tough Atlanta police detective finds herself "transferred" to Nowhere, USA. Purdyville, South Carolina is tantamount to a sentence of death by boredom for the street-smart, chain-smoking cop. The crime rate here is beyond low...almost as low as Frankie's self-esteem.

When Frankie arrives to find her rental home in flames, she proceeds to chew out one of the locals—only to realize she's just told off her new boss, the annoyingly gorgeous and smug Marshall Matt Webber. But Matt is more intrigued than angry at his new deputy. He suspects life in Purdyville is going to get very interesting indeed, especially after he watches her take down the local tough guy in two seconds flat. Even the crime rate seems to have risen to the occasion. But underneath that tough cookie exterior, Matt's pretty sure Frankie's got a soft spot...he just hopes it's for him.


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Hot Shot
by Charlotte Hughes

MIRA Books
August 27, 2002
ISBN #1551669412
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